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Reformed Translation Society

The Dutch Reformed Translation Society sponsors translations into English and facilitates the publication and dissemination of historically important Dutch Reformed theological and religious literature originally published in the 16th – 20th century

Dutch Reformed Translation Society

Our Services


An annual newsletter of the DRTS keeps one informed about translations and publication projects.


Members of DRTS obtain a significant discount on both the purchase price and the shipping cost of DRTS sponsored publications.


Partners of DRTS include Academics, Publishers, and Translators.

Webinar & Conference

The DRTS organizes bi-annual webinars and a conference every three years to discuss translation projects and published works.


The DRTS is mentoring a next generation of qualified translators.

Research & Education

The DRTS is supporting courses of the Dutch language for graduate studies in Dutch history, theology, philosphy and religion.


"The Dutch Reformed Translation Society is instrumental in opening the Dutch theological world to many around the globe"

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