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The Dutch Reformed Translation Society organizes bi-annual webinars and every three years a conference to discuss translation projects and published works.

The aim of the webinars and conference is informative, consultative, educational, and articulate the vision and mission of the society.


Graduate students and academics in the field of Dutch history, theology, philosophy, and religion will benefit from the conference through the sharing of translation projects, translation methods, the Dutch language, history, and theology.


Religious practitioners, pastors, preachers, and congregants will benefit from the conference through the discussion of published works of the society.


The conference speakers are board members of the society and those of the (international) partner institutes.

The next webinar on "The Translation and Theology of the Theoretico-practica theologia" will be held on March 16, 2023, with two world-renowned Mastricht scholars Dr. Todd Rester and Dr. Adriaan Neele.


To receive notifications concerning the webinar please email

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