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Board Members of the Dutch Reformed Translation Society

Dr. Joel R. Beeke, Vice Chairman, Chancellor, Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary & Reformation Heritage Books


Dr. Gerald M. Bilkes, Professor of Old and New Testament, Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary


Dr. John Bolt, Professor of Systematic Theology (emeritus), Calvin Theological Seminary

Professor Ronald Cammenga, Secretary, Professor of Theology, Protestant Reformed Theological Seminary

Dr. James A. De Jong, Chairman (emeritus), DRTS, and President (emeritus), Calvin Theological Seminary

Dr. Kyler Dieleman, Professor of History, Trinity Christian College

Dr. Gayle Doornbos, Associated Dean, Redemption Seminary

Dr. Fritz Harms, Covenant United Reformed Church, Colorado Springs

Dr. Jessica Joustra, Professor of Religion and Theology, Redeemer University

Dr. Earl William Kennedy, Professor of Religion (emeritus), Northwestern College, Senior Research Fellow, The A. C. Van Raalte Institute

Mr. James Kinney, Vice President, Baker Publishing Group


Dr. Maarten Kuivenhoven, Professor of Theology, Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary

Dr. Richard A. Muller, Senior Fellow, Junius Institute for Digital Reformation Research, Series Editor, Oxford Studies in Historical Theology, and P. J. Zondervan Professor of Historical Theology (emeritus), Calvin Theological Seminary

Dr. Adriaan C. Neele, Chairman, President, Professor of Homiletics and Historical Theology, Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary, and Research Scholar, Yale University (Jonathan Edwards Center)

Dr. Don Sinnema, Professor of Theology (emeritus), Trinity Christian College

Mr. Peter VanDer Schaaf, Treasurer, Senior Vice President Investments, Stifel global wealth management | investment banking


Advisory Board Members of the Dutch Reformed Translation Society

Dr. Roelof Bisschop, Member Dutch Parliament, Board member Stichting Studie Nadere Reformatie

Dr. George Harinck, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, The Neo-Calvinism Research Institute

Dr. Jan van de Kamp, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam | Theologische Universiteit Apeldoorn

Dr. Herman Selderhuis, Theologische Universiteit Apeldoorn, REFORC

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